Porcelain Veneers:

Probably the most common question we get asked at our office is:  What can I do about my front teeth?  They are crooked, discolored, too short, too long, etc...  is there anything that can be done?  They will usually let me know they do not want braces.

The answer I give them, is Porcelain Veneers.   Veneers are a cover in front that replaces the enamel (outside surface of your tooth)  to change the shape and cover up the imperfections and discolorations.  We are able to do this in two visits.

Here are some of the befores and afters of cases we have completed in our office here in Streator, Illinois.

Click on an image for a close up.

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You should not be able to tell if you have had a front tooth fixed.  A veneer should look natural just like the other teeth.
One of these front teeth is  a Veneer.

 Can you tell which one???


Porcelain Veneers were used to change the color, shape
And arrangement
of the front teeth in two visits.


Spaces were closed with the placement of five Porcelain
Veneers.  One tooth is not a veneer.
Can you tell which one?


This patient wanted me to  "Make my teeth Beautiful".
We Accomplished this with in two visits with
Porcelain Veneers .


One of my staff members always thought her two front were
too big and the ones next to them too small.
We solved her problem with Porcelain Veneers.


These veneers were done with a plastic material before we had
Porcelain Veneers.  These were a vast improvement on his color.
The amazing thing is these were done in 1993 and are
 still in full function.