Repairing Damaged Teeth:

Accidents happen!  That's why they call them accidents.  They're not planned.  When accidents happen to the teeth, we can put them back together so they look and feel like they did  before the accident or trauma.

Below are samples of how we have helped patients in our office, here in  Streator, IL back together after various forms of trauma that have damaged thier teeth.

Click on an image for a close up.

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This patient broke his front tooth as a kid.  We fixed the
fracture with one Porcelain Veneer.
If you did not know which tooth fixed, could you tell?
Pretty hard.


This chipped tooth was repaired with tooth
colored Bonding. This is done in one visit
without being numb.


Chipped Teeth are repaired by
Porcelain Veneers
They look and feel just like they did
before the trauma.


Chipped teeth are fixed by using Composite Bonding.
A perfect color match is selected. This is a one visit
procedure. Can you see where the chips were in the
after photo?


A chipped tooth is Repaired
the Same Day with a tooth
colored Bonded filling called