Mini Implant Denture:

Are your dentures loose? 
Do you have a hard time eating with your dentures?
Are you tired of sticky, gooey denture pastes and creams?
Are you afraid to laugh or sneeze because of your dentures?

If you answered yes to any of these questions call Dr. Earl Woeltje to see if you are a candidate for the new mini implants.

Mini Implants are a very cost effective one day procedure that leaves you eating and feeling better the very next day. Most of the time you can use the dentures you have right now. Your dentures will "snap" into place!

Mention that you Saw this on the our web site and receive a free consult normally a $127.00 value to see if the new dental implants can help with your loose, uncomfortable dentures. 

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These are the Mini Implants in a model.
What shows is these little ball attachments.

Picture the ball as a trailer hitch
 ball in the back of a car.

What you see in your denture are the
attachments  that hold the denture down.

Picture the attachments as the trailer
snapping onto the trailer
 ball of a car.


This is the denture "Snapped"
  into place.  It no longer floats in your
mouth or do you need denture paste!


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