Fixed Bridges: Replacing missing Teeth.

Patients often ask:  I'm missing teeth or I notice my teeth are shifting.  How can I replace missing teeth? or I have a removable partial dentures replacing my missing spaces.  I don't like them, what can be done?

First it is very important to replace any teeth once they are lost.  This keeps the other teeth from shifting and reduces the possibility of losing more teeth in the future.

There are two solutions to this problem Fixed Bridges and Dental Implants:

One solution to this problem is a fixed bridge.  This bridge does not come in and out.  It is cemented and feels and functions like your natural teeth.  Fixed bridges feel, look and functions much better then a removable partial denture (bridge).    Some of the pictures below show the replacement of missing teeth, or replacement of a removable partial denture with fixed bridgework. Some of the samples you see are over twenty years old.

The second solution is Dental Implants. Many times now, for the same cost as a fixed bridge you can replace missing teeth with a Dental Implant.  It is like having your original tooth back.  Please click here to see our Dental Implant page.

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This patient not only was missing teeth but disliked the shape of her teeth.  We fixed crown and bridge to
  improve her smile and life greatly.


This patient shows what pop and Mountain Dew can do to your teeth.  He changed his life and his habits
BUT it was too late for his four front teeth they had to be removed.   We replaced them with a front fixed bridge.
His life is changing for the better.


This patient has been missing these front teeth since birth.  She has been wearing a removable "flipper" for over
thirty years embarrassed to be seen without it.  We placed fixed maryland bridges that are cemented to the backs
of the other  teeth.  These do not come in and out.


This patient had been wearing a removable partial denture (some  patients call this a bridge).  This
comes in and out, it is made with plastic teeth.  We replaced it with fixed (permanent) bridges that
 do not comein and out.  This is  much desirable result.


This patient was restored with bridges and crowns.