Implants: Photos of the steps we use to restoring Dental Implants

Dental implants have been used clinically for over thirty years.  They are one of the most predictable medical procedures done.  I have been restoring Dental Implants for over twenty years with almost no failure on none smoking patients. In fact I personally have only had two implants fail and both patients smoked heavily.

There are two parts to the dental implant: the part you don't see which acts as a new "root" for the part you do see the new crown or “tooth” you have been missing. The most predictably result occurs when you place the part you don't see let it heel for a few months and then restore or place the part you that you see.  Be very wary of anyone who tells you they can do both procedures in one day. Those results are very unpredictable and have a large failure rate in scientific studies.

I believe with the exception of mini implants; either an oral surgeon or periodontist should place implants. These two specialties spend two to four years learning surgical procedures.  They are experts in surgical procedures and in a lot of cases can safely have you sleep through the procedure with light anesthesia. General dentists that place implants learn at a weekend or multi-weekend class.  They can not give you the option of being asleep for the procedure. 

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The tooth on your left was involved in an

accident and is hopeless.

The tooth was removed at the oral surgeon’s office

and a dental implant was immediately placed.


The same day as the implant placement the patient

wears a temporary “flipper” while the implant heals.

The flipper looks very natural.

The final implant crown

looks and feels like

a natural tooth!

The top four front teeth were hopeless due to advanced
Periodontal (gum disease) disease 

The teeth were removed and replaced with Dental Implants.
Notice how nice they look. The patient is healthier and happier.



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